The Heart of Christmas Show is coming November 28th and 29th 2015 at the Crown Center Theatre in Fayetteville, NC.

Laura StevensThis unique show continues on each year with new numbers, exciting costumes and scenes along with dazzling Christmas lights , trees and scenes!

For 18 years this show has captured hearts all along the east coast and has become the kick off to the Christmas season for thousands of loyal fans. With a wide variety of musical selections this is a show the whole family is sure to enjoy and want to see time and time again. Broadway styled in its production, the show touches every emotion associated with the Christmas Season. From numbers with snow glistening on stage to a funny Rudolf and clever Toy numbers all the way to the heart touching crowd favorite, Christmas Shoes. Such a variety in the show captures the true Spirit of Christmas. The first half will delight you with the fun and expectancy of the most favorite time of the year. The second half of this show portrays beautifully ,in song and dance, the true meaning and reason for the season of Christmas. The manger scene is powerful, moving and then breaks out into full celebration as the 36 member cast sing and dance through the story of the birth of Christ. If you have never seen this show you are missing a truly wonderful experience of Christmas!

There are many reasons to go see this spectacular event but one of the unique aspects of the show is its very reason for existence. The show has all young performers as it′s cast. Amazing, talented young people that donate all of their free time and their talents, for several months, to this charity event knowing that in the end they have used their gifts to help less fortunate children in our area. You see, The Heart of Christmas Show gives away all ticket sales from the weekend shows to local children′s charities that need financial support in order to help children in this area.

The show has kept this policy from its beginning 18 years ago. To date, the show has raised over $600,000.00 to help children bearing the motto ′ Children Helping Children′. When you buy a ticket to see The Heart of Christmas Show you become a part of that big picture of helping children plus you get to see a wonderful Christmas production that has all the whistles and bells comparable to anything you would see in Myrtle Beach, Branson and even rivals productions in New York!

Tickets are $14.00 for all reserved seats and groups are $12.00 (for groups of 15 or more!) Groups may call 910 978-1119 for discount rates!

All public and private schools have a special ticket rate as the show offers a condensed 1 hour presentation of the 2 hour production as a fundraiser for the schools. This is another way the show reaches out to help children. The schools can come see a Christmas show and in return they make 50% back on every student ticket so that they can raise funds for their classroom or school. (Book early as the school shows also sell out very early.)

Let the Season begin!!!

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The Heart of Christmas Show features Voices of the Heart.

2015 Heart of Christmas Show Flyer Download the Heart of Christmas Flyer.

“Rivals any wiz-bang show from here to Branson Missouri!”

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Celebrating 18 years of helping sick and abused children!
To date this show has raised over $600,000 to help local children’s agencies and both public and private schools!

This 2015 Heart of Christmas Show is in the making right now and it will be bringing back some audiences favorites as well as offering some newly arranged songs and dance numbers! It′s show time!! Lights, Costumes, Song, Dance! You will laugh, cry and be in awe of the beauty and wonder of Christmas as you watch the amazing Heart of Christmas Show!


The Heart of Christmas show is unique in many ways. To date, the Heart of Christmas Show has raised over $600,000.00 to help sick and abused children in the greater Fayetteville area has also helped local public and private schools! Keeping with its first year′s mission, the show provides the opportunity for talented young people to be involved and onstage in a professional production and it teaches them to use their talents to do good and great things for other less fortunate children than themselves. The show gives away every dollar from all ticket sales of the weekend shows! This is a wonderful project that allows talent young people a chance to experience a professional production, it helps local sick and abused children and if those weren′t reasons enough to see this spectacular show... then how about it′s just a fantastic Christmas show that all ages enjoy! This is project dedicated to children and the true spirit of Christmas. Not just another Christmas show... it′s special in its presentation and mission! This children′s charity fundraiser is celebrating 16 years of as one of the best Christmas shows in the Southeast delighting audiences of all ages! This is THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS SHOW!

Come Join Us On November 28th and November 29th!

For the past few years the show has had only a few single and double seats left the week of show! Don′t miss your opportunity to see this amazing show! Merry Christmas to all!

"This is just an amazing show! You would just have to see it to believe it! Once you′ll come back year after year!" Mark & Sandy Hawley-Hawley′s Bicycle World

"Well.... there′s just no need to go to Myrtle Beach to see a Christmas show again!" Facebook post

"The Heart of Christmas Show! CPR for Christmas!”

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