The Supporting Cast of The Heart of Christmas Show 2017 

Thank all of you so much for the giving of 
your time and energy to this project! 
You all make it fun and beautiful!
VOH and Ms. Laura
Heart of Christmas Dancers from 
Elite Dance Center
Keri Small   Morgan Rich   Aislyn Pegues   Madison Pollock 
 Jillian West    Lydia Ussery   Katie Walters   Kailey Hale

Cast 2
Lanie Myrtle   Lilly Pritchard  Kennedy McNeill  Madison House  Abby Cook
 Shanorda Williams Zoi Pegues
 Amelia Cook  Laya Pollock

Simon Ussery Jacob Jones   Stephen Smith   Matthew Drake  Joshua Jones  Chase Martin
Caleb Jones
Cast 1
Taylor Harder   Kate Reames  Jacquelyn McGaha  Sydney Kueny
Traci Woodard   Keriann  Rodriguez  Lorelai Swain   Paisley Marinke
Madison McNeill     Kyla Small     Anna Roussell
Cast 1b