The Heart of Christmas Show
Show Information line is 910-978-1118
School Name:
Phone Number:
Contact Name:
School E-mail:
Show Dates (check only one per form) 
Number of Students:
(Please be as accurate as possible so as many students as possible can get to see the show! The shows sell out fast!
Grade Level(s):
Number of Teachers:
Number of Chaperones:
Number of Parents:
Cost of Parent Ticket  $7.00 Parent tickets are not a part of the fundraiser.
Special Requests or Needs (i.e. wheelchairs, etc...)
Reservations will be confirmed via e-mail!!
Please note: The school shows are only approx. 1:10 long featuring hi-lights from the full length 2 hour show that can be seen on November 24th @1 pm & 7 pm & November 25th @ 3 pm

Student tickets are $7.00 
You will recieve $3.50 per student ticket back!
Mail Payments to Heart of Christmas Show by November 10th  to guarantee reservations and to 
receive your fundraising monies the day of the show!  
After Nov 10th your fundraising monies will be mailed by Jan 5th of 2019
Mail Payments to:
4532 Woodswallow Dr.   Fayetteville NC 28312

Please memo the check with the number of  students that the payment includes. 
This is the money you will receive back.  50% of  $7.00 for each student ticket!   
ExtraChaperone tickets are not included in the fundraiser.
 The Heart of Christmas Show is a great way to fundraise for your school. 
We will send your school a check for $3.50 for each $7.00 student ticket.
We will designate it for your classroom for you to use as you wish! If you pay for your tickets by November 10th you will receive your 50% fundraising monies, the same day you come to the show!
Please make checks payable to "Heart of Christmas Show Inc." By November 10th
Teachers are Free! We still need a count!
Chaperone Tickets -1 free after the first 15 students, and another free ticket per 15 students there after. 
ex. 60 students would be allowed 4 free chaperones. More than that would be 7.00 per Chaperone

Heart of Christmas Show Information Line: 910-978-1118 
Make sure to note the number of seats that you reserve
This is a fundraiser for your school! You will get money back to use for your classroom just by 
going to see a great Christmas Show! So easy!
50% Cancellation Policy! We are requiring payment in advance to secure reservations and intent to come 
to the show due to high demand for reservations.We want to help any school that wishes to
 come but there are not enough shows to meet the demand for reservations. 
If you have a cancellation regarding your class or students in your class, you will receive 50% back of the 
monies paid for each student ticket as we have promised.
(There is no refund or fundraiser amount for Chaperone or parent tickets.) From those monies received back you may institute your own refund policy toward your students should you desire. 
 If cancellation is made in enough time for us to resell the seats that you have reserved, 
we will make every effort togive you a 100% refund
 (Please note:Arranging transportation late may effect the efforts of a 100% refund.) 

Cell Phone 
We only call your cell when other methods do not work 
should we need to talk to you regarding your reservations.
Personal E-mail:
County spam filters will sometimes not let the confirmation be sent to you, we will send a copy to your personal email from
You can be placed on a wait list for a paticular show time just email us at or call 910 .978.1118
 In case we get a cancelation 
and might can fit you in! 
NOV 19th Monday 9:30
NOV 19th Monday 11:30
NOV 20th Tuesday 9:30
NOV 20th Tuesday 9:30