Randie Autry 16
Logan Hallas 17
"So young, yet so talented! These girls can do it!
It is with great pleasure, that I introduce to you the talented students that, together, make up the unique group,"Voices of the Heart for 2017"
 - Laura Stevens Director
    Hailey Speicher 13
Lauren Hallas 14
Voices Of The Heart 2017-2018
Ansley Wilkerson 12

We welcome the newest member of 
Voices of the Heart!
Ansley has been a part of The Heart of Christmas Show, Summer Music Camps and the voice studio for years. Her older sister was a VOH member too!  Ansley has an amazing range and mature sound to her young voice and she will be singing alto in the group. Her  rehearsal energy and attitude along with her dancing and stage performance skills made her an easy choice and a great addition! We welcome the Wilkerson family once again to 
Voices of the Heart!

Kaiely Hale 14

Lydia Ussery 13

Congratulations to these to cast members that have been chosen to become members of Voices of the Heart! 
We look forward to working with these talented girls and their families!