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The Crown Theatre 
1960 Coliseum Drive
Fayetteville NC

Voices Of The Heart 2018-2019

Voices of the Heart has always been a group that was created to give many wonderful, talented young ladies an outlet for their talent and an opportunity to serve God with their talents and do something good for others. Over the years, many girls have passed through this experience as it was never the intention for just one set of girls to be Voices of the Heart. I want to offer this amazing journey to any and all who are talented enough in the area of singing and dancing and who would be willing to be dedicated themselves to this mission and its lifestyle. I am excited about this group of Voices of the Heart. Each one of these girls bring their own huge dose of talent and  special character to the group. This group is strong in the area of singing and dancing while being loving and caring for others.

  1. Ansley Wilkerson 12
    Ansley Wilkerson 12
  2. Lydia Ussery 13
    Lydia Ussery 13
  3. Kaiely Hale 14
    Kaiely Hale 14
  4. Logan Hallas 17
    Logan Hallas 17
  5. Lauren Hallas 14
    Lauren Hallas 14
  6. Randie Autry 17
    Randie Autry 17
  7. Hailey Speicher 14
    Hailey Speicher 14



Congratulations to these special girls and their families, in becoming members of the 2017-2018

Talent is a gift from God...What we do with it is our gift back to Him.

- Laura Stevens Director